Super Vac #718G4-H 18" Honda GX120 Gas Powered 7 Series PPV

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A perfect combination of small size and high power...Available in 3 sizes:

If your buying your first PPV or outfitting your entire fleet of engines, than the 716G4-H, 718G4-H, or 720G4-H is your ideal choice. They also feature the highest horsepower in their class and the exclusive roll cage frame design. Perfect for the department with a mixture of residential and small commercial structures in their district. The 718G4-H and 720G4-H are outfitted with a World Class Honda GX200 over head valve engine, with low oil alert. Model 716G4-H is outfitted with an economical Honda engine.
  • 16", 18", or 20" aluminum, seven-blade airfoil propeller in a stainless steel roll cage design
  • Rear mounted wheels, a full height frame, and a tilt-up, full width handle for easy positioning and rapid deployment
  • The shroud and the safety grill are designed to provide maximum air velocity
  • The positive pressure ventilator has a tilt control with four positions including one position that can direct airflow downward
  • Pneumatic wheels with a "one step" braking system to assure positive engagement to prevent the unit from rolling during operation.
Super Vac ventilators are specifically designed to provide a convenient and portable source of air. Super Vac positive pressure ventilators are tested to AMCA PPV Standard 240-95, for use in extreme conditions. This ventilator is designed for high powered air movement. Super Vac's propeller produces a greater intake of air and eliminates turbulence at the tips. Each blade is statically balanced for high efficiency and long life.
Model #
Engine Honda GX120 Honda GX200 Honda GX200
Horsepower 4 HP, 4-cycle 6.5HP, 4-cycle 6.5HP, 4-cycle
Rotations per minute 3530 RPM 3535 RPM 3350 RPM
Cubic feet per minute 11,740 CFM 15,590 CFM 18,580 CFM
Dimensions 20"d x 20.5"w x 16"h 22"d x 23.5"w x 19.5"h 25.5"d x 26"w x 19.5"
Weight 62 lbs 82 lbs 92 lbs
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