TFT Legacy #Y4E-CT-30 Tethered Monitor Operator Station - 30' Long Cable

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Pendant control station for Monsoon, Hurricane, Typhoon, and Tornado series remote control monitors.


This operator station allows the electric monitor to be controlled from a handheld pendant. This operator station is supplied with a stainless steel mounting bracket to securely store the unit. The enclosure has an o-ring seal, liquid tight strain relief fitting with o-rings, and a membrane switch to keep water out.

Any commands from this operator station will override commands made on the monitor control box. The pendant receptacle can be connected to the Panel Mount Operator Station or directly to the monitor through a customer supplied terminal block. A cable is supplied pre-connected to the panel-mounted receptacle and includes waterproof cap and chain. The Tethered Control Station is supplied with a 10? long pre-connected cable. This pendant plugs into a panel-mounted receptacle.
The control station is tethered with a 30 foot long, four conductor cable with waterproof plug. The control includes membrane switches to control horizontal rotation, vertical elevation, nozzle stream pattern, park, oscillate, auxiliary 1 and auxiliary 2. The control station also includes a circuit board to communicate with the Task Force Tips remote control monitor. Internally mounted switches are included for the ability to choose which control station shall be dominant. The control requires 12 or 24 volt DC power. The handheld control enclosure is weatherproof and has a protective silicone rubber casing. A storage bracket for the handheld control is included and complies with NFPA 1901 Section14.1.11.

A 30 foot long, four conductor power and communications cable connected to a panel mount receptacle with protective cap is supplied.

All operator stations are equipped with "last button pressed" software so any button presses from the operator station will take over control from any other operator station. These operator stations can also be configured, by an internal DIP switch, as a "Master" control station so that commands from the operator station cannot be overridden.

The unit is covered by a five-year warranty.
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