TFT Legacy #AP1ST-NX 6" SH Swivel Female x 5" Rigid Storz Jumbo Short Ball Intake Valve

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6" Rigid Storz to 5" Rigid Storz Jumbo Short Ball Intake Valve


AP series jumbo small intake valve has a huge 5" inch diameter waterway minimizing low friction loss and maximizing flow. Friction loss is 3psi at 2000gpm. Designed for use with 5 inch (125mm) hose on a pressure or vacuum service pumper. Maximum operating pressure is 300psi (20bar) and meets the 900psi (62bar) hydrostatic strength test. Aluminum castings are hardcoat anodized with a powder coat finish inside and out for maximum corrosion protection. All components on the wet side of the valve are made of stainless steel for additional corrosion protection. The hand wheel needs 7" turns to close, meeting NFPA slow close requireMen's. There is a unique position indicator that shows the operator if the valve is open, closed or somewhere in between. The standard gearbox handwheel is installed by the factory on the right side but can be switched to the left side if desired. Comes equipped with a rugged  inch (19mm) drain valve to quickly drain water from the valve housing. A port for an optional air bleed valve is incorporated into the design for user friendly configuration. Hose coupling and truck connectors are attached to the valve using polymer bearing rings that provide electrical isolation to help prevent galvanic corrosion. Includes an adjustable pressure relief valve with a discharge that can be direction one of four ways and meets NFPA 1901 (2009 edition).
Weight: 30 lbs (13.6kg) 30 lbs (13.6kg) 30 lbs (13.6kg)
Water Flow Style: Valve Valve Valve
Waterway Size: 5.25 inch (133.35mm) 5.25 inch (133.35mm) 5.25 inch (133.35mm)
Valve Actuation Method: Hand wheel (6 inch, injection molded nylon) Crank Handwheel (3 inch, injection molded nylon)
Valve Design: Ball valve (stainless) Ball valve (stainless) Ball valve (stainless)
Coupling Size Side A: 6 inch (150mm) 6 inch (150mm) 6 inch (150mm)
Coupling Style Side A: Handle Handle Handle
Coupling Swivel/Rigid Side A: Swivel (non full time, no swivel after tightening) Swivel (non full time, no swivel after tightening) Swivel (non full time, no swivel after tightening)
Coupling Size Side B: 5 inch (125mm) 5 inch (125mm) 5 inch (125mm)
Coupling Style Side B: Storz Storz Storz
Coupling Swiveling/Rigid Side B: Rigid Rigid Rigid
Pressure Relief Valve: Yes Yes Yes
Finish: Powder coated Powder coated Powder coated
Gearbox Style: Shaft on side Shaft on Top Shaft on side
Operation Energy Source: Manual Manual Electrical
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