TFT G-Force #FTTF1 FlipTip 1.5 NHF Tip Only

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The Tip-Only Model is an ideal choice for an addition to any ball valve shut off.

Integrating your choice of two smoothbore combinations, the FlipTip quickly and positively allows the initial attack team a choice of flows as well as outstanding stream performance.

  • Lightweight and Compact Design
  • Tips Easily Removed for Line Extension
  • Multiple Smoothbore Choices for both Front and Rear

Front Tip Orifice Choice
FlipTip's front component accepts one of 4 different orifice choices. Providing flows from 50 up to 200gpm, the tip can be easily removed allowing hose to be connected and extended. All tips have knurled swiveling couplings and a unique tapered waterway for maximum stream quality

Rear Tip Orifice Choice
The rear component of the FlipTip is available in 6 different orifice sizes and provides water flows starting at 150gpm. All uniquely tapered tip inserts are designed to offer high performance water or compressed air foam streams, and are held securely in place during rugged initial attack operations.

Stream Straightener
To provide maximum stream performance all FlipTip models integrate a lightweight stream straightener directly into the rear coupling system. For high rise operations, where debris can be an issue, or to maximize compressed air foam stream performance, the insert can be easily removed.

Pivot Lock Mechanism
The FlipTip can be quickly and securely changed from small tip to large tip during firefighting operations using a positive twist lock mechanism that prevents unintentional movement. The locking ring is easily rotated with a wet or foamy gloved hand.

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