Elkhart #193-6*2.5 2.5" 394 GPM Bresnan Cellar Nozzle

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Bresnan Distributor Nozzle

The Bresnan Cellar/Distributor nozzle is what you need for a basement fire in which the attack team cannot make the bottom of the stairs and cannot adequately ventilate. The rotating head has two or more outlets that form water jets that propel the head while spaying water in a circular pattern. The cellar nozzle could be used as a quick fix for a rapidly moving void space fire to limit the fire?s direction of travel until adequate resources are in place.

An excellent choice for knocking down void space fires in a building collapse because of the limited void space a collapse usually creates. The main advantage of using this type of nozzle in a void space fire or an unventilated basement where you cannot make entry will be the large volume of steam it produces, which will knock down a lot of fire in a confined space.

Specifications 193-6 193-6 193-9
Base 1.5" F 2.5" F 2.5" F
GPM@100 psi 140 GPM (530 LPM) 395 GPM (1495 LPM) 495 GPM (1874 LPM)
Spray Diameter 20 ft 45 ft 36 ft
Materials/Finish Brass/chrome
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