Elkhart #8297-25 2.0 Stinger Monitor with 2.5" Portable Base, Stacked Tips and Stream Shaper

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This firefighter-friendly monitor is super lightweight for easy carrying and handling.

Model 8297-25 includes: Stinger 2.0, (2) 2.5" FNH inlet, 282-A Stream Shaper and ST-194 Quad Stacked Tips
Model 8297-51 includes: Stinger 2.0, 5.0" Storz inlet, 282-A Stream Shaper and ST-194 Quad Stacked Tips

The Stinger 2.0 combines features, function, and versatility in one phenomenal fire fighting tool that has the strength and durability you need for superb performance at every fire.

The Stinger? 2.0 has a unique design that makes it the ultimate master stream device. Carry the Stinger? 2.0 as a deck gun attached to the 8298 (F or P) 2.0 for immediate use at the scene. If better stream positioning is required, a portable base can be placed in position while the deck gun is still in use.

When the hose lines and portable base are ready, the upper monitor section can be quickly moved from the top mount adapter to the portable base. The lightweight, compact, folding portable base can be stored in a compartment, on tailboard, or even pre-connected to a hose line for use as a blitz attack line.

  • Dual purpose break-apart monitor for use as a deck gun or portable monitor
  • Numerous truck adapter and portable base options available to suit every need
  • In portable mode, five forged aluminum legs with self-adjusting carbide-tipped ground spikes increase stability
  • Rotation lock mechanism provides positive left-right lock with visual position indication
  • By-passable safety stop at 35? above horizontal
  • Safety strap for additional stability
  • Lightweight for its class
  • Most flow efficient in its class with a friction loss reducing 3-3/8? vaned waterway
  • Patented monitor to base latching mechanism is user-friendly and provides visual indication of status
  • Fully enclosed stainless steel worm gear
  • Liquid filled pressure gauge
  • Two carrying handles
Elkhart Stinger 2.0

282-A Stream Shaper is used to straighten a water flow, Elkhart Brass has stream shapers available in a variety of sizes and several materials to suit a variety of situations. Most Elkhart stream shapers feature replaceable vanes for easy repair.
  • 2.5" inlet x 2.5" outlet
  • Elk-O-Lite
  • Length: 4.5"
  • Weight: 1.5lbs

ST-194 Quad Stacked Tips: For maximum reach, smooth bore tips create concentrated waterflow for use with either handlines or monitors while using lower pressures of 50 or 80 psi. Elkhart offers a wide variety of discharge sizes to suit any need. Additionally, Elkhart?s stacked tips allow you to customize the smooth bore to meet your needs in the field.
  • 2.5" base
  • Available 1st discharge: 2", 1063 gpm/80 psi
  • Available 2nd discharge: 1.75", 813 gpm, 80 psi
  • Available 3rd discharge: 1.5", 596 gpm. 80 psi
  • Length: 12.875"
  • Weight: 2.125 lbs
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