Akron #1763 1.5" Turbojet Wide-Range Nozzle with Pistol Grip

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The Akron? adjustable gallonage TurboJet? nozzle is unmatched in today?s fire service for its flexibility and flow control.

The TurboJet is a lightweight nozzle whose flow rate remains constant in all patterns at each GPM (LPM) setting. The TurboJet has a rated pressure standard of 100 psi (7 bar). Use the Turbojet one time, and it's easy to see why it's the "nozzle of choice" for firefighters worldwide.

1763 1-1/2? Wide-Range Turbojet? Nozzle with Pistol Grip:

  • Rated pressure standard of 100 psi with variable GPM
  • Adjustable flow settings
  • Flow remains constant in all patterns at each GPM
  • Raised bumper lug for straight stream pattern identification
  • Lightweight construction
  • Use QuickAttack Foam Tube Style 777

Swivel Inlet 1-1/2"
Length 11"
Weight 5-3/4 lbs.
Fog at 100 PSI (7 bar) 30-95-125-150-200 GPM

Pistol Grips & Handles
Grab Hold of Your Color!

Comfortable New Pistol Grips.
Unique new Akron design features molded-in padding for extra cushioning and reduced hand fatigue.

Stronger, More Ergonomic Handles.
Newly Engineered for:
  • Improved handling. Contoured corners and a unique upward curve when in the open position provides a better grip and easier access to shut off the nozzle.
  • Reduced storage space. The handle?s curved forward configuration streamlines the nozzle and reduces overall height, to take up less crosslay and cabinet space.
  • Increased strength. ?I-Beam? design and larger trunion hubs provide superior strength and durability.
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