Leatherhead Tools Irons with 30" Halligan, HiViz Lime 6 lb Flat Head Axe with Velcro Strap

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The perfect married set of irons for an unbelievable price!

  • Rugged axe is perfect for ventilation, forcible entry, and overhaul
  • All forged 1 piece Halligan bar out-performs inferior ?multi-pieced? bars
  • Drop forged with 100% American high carbon steel
  • Hi-vis strap connects the irons for safe, easy carry
About the Axe
  • Easier to use. Harder to lose. 100% American made
  • Perfect for ventilation, forcible entry or overhaul
  • Flat axe heads are 6 lbs. with 36? Hi-Viz handles
  • Axe heads are drop forged of high carbon steel
About the Halligan
  • Ideal for forcible entry, rescue, or extrication
  • 1 piece forged from high carbon steel for optimum strength and lasting rigidity
  • Heat Treated to meet or exceed ANSI specifications
  • 100% American made for a lifetime of use? and abuse
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