Leatherhead Tools 36" Demolition Wrecking Bar

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Forged, heat-treated, high carbon steel tools. Made in the USA for a lifetime of destruction.

Pry. Pull. Lift. Rip it apart! Depending on the size and style you choose, these Leatherhead Demolition bars can pull nails, pop rivets, pry apart joists, break open doors and windows, or remove automotive trim during extrication operations. Choose the model that meets your most common needs. Or equip your crew with a full set of these quality, American-made demolition bars?to handle most any forcible entry or rescue situation you might encounter.
  • Four models for a wide range of materials and situations.
  • Ideal for forcible entry, rescue, or extrication
  • Forged from high carbon steel for optimum strength and lasting rigidity
  • Heat Treated to meet or exceed ANSI specifications
  • Made for a lifetime of use?and abuse
  • 100% American Made.

Precision forged to get you through when the heat is on. All Leatherhead demolition bars are one-piece forged from high carbon steel for optimum strength and rigidity and heat treated for lasting hardness that meets or exceeds ANSI specifications. Every inch, every ounce, of these professional grade tools was made in the U.S.A. by Leatherhead Tools?to take the heat, the hammering, and the frantic pace that comes with a fire or rescue scene.

Four Models meet more of your needs:
  1. 36? Spartacus Bar: A stronger, beefier demolition bar designed with a narrow cross section that?s grooved to provide maximum rigidity with less weight and a secure, comfortable grip. The wide-radius gooseneck bend provides a progressive fulcrum for more efficient prying and lifting. Slotted claw and straight beveled wedge for more utility.

  2. 36? Wrecking Bar: Classic octagonal cross section with a tight bend and long neck for pulling nails, forcing doors, or lifting debris. Slotted claw and straight beveled wedge for more utility.

  3. 18? I-Beam Extrication Bar: Designed for extreme situations. Shorter for easier carry and a better fit into tight spaces. Its narrow, I-Beam shaft provides maximum rigidity with less weight, and an excellent grip. The short right-angle wedge has a wide, heavy, flat face that serves as a hammering surface to knock the clawed wedge into tight spaces and under walls, cabinets, or heavy objects that must be moved fast. Plus it doubles as a clawed hammer head when you need to strike something or drive a spike. Slotted claw with beveled wedges at both ends make this a very versatile tool.

  4. 15? Flat Bar: Versatile, medium size, flat demolition bar ideal for all kinds of light to moderate prying, lifting, nail pulling, etc. Slotted claws with beveled wedges and nail-puller slots at both ends.
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