Fire Hooks Unlimited #MX-MOD 30" Maxximus Halligan Forcible Entry Tool with 2" ADZ Modification

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A modified version of the Maxximus, this tool has all of the same features but with a 2 inch wide adz.

The MAXXIMUS is the next generation of Forcible Entry Bars. It's the ultimate Halligan Bar and is lighter than the Pro-Bar. The Maxximus has a unique Thermoplastic Rubber (T.P.R.) grip for a sturdy handle while using the tool.

  • One piece drop forged forcible entry tool
  • Molded Thermoplastic Rubber Grip
  • Made of 4140 vanadium steel
  • A completely "tuned" Halligan
  • 2? wide Adz for gapping doors
  • Rex lock pulling feature
  • Square legs on the fork for striking in tight spaces
  • Thinner Fork and Adz than any bar on the fire market
  • Depth gauge markings on both Adz and Fork
  • Molded T.P.R. grip for less slippage
  • Protective insulation to 24,000 volts
    • Electric cars range from 600-700 volts
  • Standard 30-inch length.
  • EZ to hit... EZ to hold... EZ to carry... and EZ to marry to Fire Hooks Unlimited's Lock Slot 8 lbs Forcible Entry Axe
  • Nearly 2 lbs lighter than the Pro-Bar Halligan
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