FireAde 2000 Climate Controlled 40 - Available in 5 gallon pail, 55 gallon drum, or 250 & 330 gallon tote - CALL FOR PRICING

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Environmentally formulated FireAde 2000 Climate Control is the newest generation in low temperature aqueous film forming foam.

This formulation signifies our commitment in protecting our environment using Green Agent Technologyª. FireAde¨ 2000 Climate Control concentrate is formulated to prevent additional environmental hazards when applied to fire. The capacity of FireAde¨ 2000 Climate Control to produce a stable, heat resistant and self-sealing blanket at -20¡C is extraordinary. A unique proprietary additive (not antifreeze) has been added to FireAde¨ 2000 to withstand extreme low temperatures. FireAde¨ 2000 Climate Control contains NO hazardous materials in the formulation. The special formulated concentrate has a dramatically reduced viscosity compared to other low temperature concentrates. The viscosity enables FireAde¨ 2000 Climate Control to be used in all types of foam portioning systems, in-line eductors, and standard foam equipment with no adverse effects.

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