Elkhart #4000-14 1.5" Chief Nozzle Tip Only (Specify Flow and Pressure)

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Fixed flow Chief? nozzles efficiently deliver a constant gallonage from straight stream to full fog.

The simple rugged design makes the Chief? easy to use, train with and reliable in tough situations. Superior hydraulics due to a fully machined waterway result in excellent stream quality and reach. The Chief? is also available in true low pressure versions with specifically engineered, calibrated and labeled stems down to 50 psi. With more than 300 available variations the Chief? is easily customized to meet your specific needs.
  • Model 4000-14, Tip only
    • 150 gpm 50 psi
    • 150 gpm 75 psi
    • 175 gpm 75 psi
  • Model 4000-14HR has Glow Bumper?
  • Model 4000-24, Tip only
    • 185 gpm, 75 psi
    • 200 gpm, 75 psi
    • 250 gpm, 50 psi
    • 275 gpm, 75 psi
    • 300 gpm, 75 psi


Elkhart Chief

Smooth bore discharge size may restrict flow of Chief tip. 15/16? discharge standard on 1.5? base; 7/8?, 1?, 1 1/8?, 1 1/4? available. 1 1/4? discharge standard on 2.5? base; 7/8?, 15/16?, 1?, 1 1/8? available.


This portion of the Chief nozzle is protected by a heavy-duty urethane bumper and controls the stream pattern selection and the flush mechanism. To change from fog to straight stream, rotate the tip to the right. To change to fog or flush, rotate the tip to the left.

The tip features a fully machined waterway for greater flow efficiency and less turbulence for superior stream pattern. The two-piece, floating stem is designed to prevent damage to the stem head if the nozzle is dropped on the tip. The stem head is also stamped with the rated flow and pressure.

The Chief series of handline nozzles is of constant (fixed) gallonage design and available in standard pressure (100 psi) flows or low pressure (50 or 75 psi) flows. The constant flow feature maintains the same flow rate throughout the stream pattern selection, i.e., straight stream through wide fog. This makes the Chief series ideal for use with foam eductors and for the application of AFFF or Class A foams.

These nozzles are constructed of durable, lightweight Elk-O-Lite and are designed to give you many years of trouble-free service. The Chief series features heavy-duty, protective, molded urethane bumpers; rugged aluminum/bronze shutoff handles with double stops; replaceable spinning teeth (molded rubber teeth optional on some models); flush without shutting down; and hydraulically balanced Acetal valve ball with adjustable, Teflon impregnated, neoprene seat. All Chief nozzles comply with the requireMen's of NFPA 1964, Standard for Spray Nozzles (Shutoff and Tip), 1998 Edition, as applicable to constant gallonage spray nozzles.

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