Elkhart #242-95 1.5" 95 GPM Composite Portable Foam Eductor

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Elkhart offers an eductor for all handlines (1? through 2-1/2?) and the eductors are compatible with most foam concentrates.

Model 242-95: 1.5"F x 1.5"M, 95 GPM, Composite

All Elkhart?s eductors:
  • Are easy hook-up / easy set-up
  • Feature red urethane enamel finish
  • Can be deployed in any position
  • Offer a removable pick-up screen and removable metering valve
  • Comes with a clear PVC pick-up hose

Portable Foam Eductors
** Supplied with fixed metering valves at 1/2%, 1%, and 3% and an adjustable metering valve with 1/2% / 1% / 3% settings.

Eductor and nozzle must have matching flow rates (gpm/lpm) for the foam concentrate to ?pick-up.?

These eductors are designed to achieve rated flow with an inlet pressure of 200 psi (150 psi for the 242-95). They will operate at lower inlet pressures, but the flow rate and percentage rate will be affected.
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