Amerex 15# Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers

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This rust free aluminum cylinder is approximately 30% lighter than a steel cylinder and is equipped with a dependable all-metal valve.

Amerex's Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguisher discharges the clean, non-contaminating, odorless gas as a white cloud of "snow," which smothers a fire by eliminating oxygen. This extinguisher is effective for Class B flammable liquids (gasoline, oils, paint lacquer, and tar) and is electrically non-conductive. USCG and FM approved, this extinguisher meets many hospital medical equipment requireMen's and comes with a 5 year warranty.

  • FM Approved
  • Meets many hospital medical equipment requireMen's
  • All extinguishers are USCG approved with bracket listed on UL label
  • Temperature range -40? F to 120? F
  • 5 year warranty
  • Detailed Owner's Manual included
  • Available in 5, 10, 15, and 20 lb. sizes
  • Carrying Option: Extinguisher Carry Bag (sold separately), designed to transport a C02 extinguisher up to 20 lbs.

Please Note: Due to the HAZMAT nature of the 20 lb. extinguisher, a $100 handing fee will be added to your cart for this item. A $25.00 HAZMAT handling fee will added to your cart for the other sizes.


Size & Capacity 5 lbs 10 lbs 15 lbs 20 lbs
Application Horn Hose & Horn Hose & Horn Hose & Horn
Model Number 322 330 331 332
U/L Rating 5B:C 10B:C 10B:C 10B:C
Height 17-3/4 in 24 in 30 in 30 in
Width 8-1/4 in 12 in 12 in 13 in
Diameter 5-1/4 in 7 in 7 in 8 in
Range 3-8 ft 3-8 ft 3-8 ft 3-8 ft
Discharge Time 10 sec 10 sec 12-1/2 sec 19 sec
Standard Bracket Wall Wall Wall Wall
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